Some ideas to make you life easier and more profitable in 2021

Planning content: Getting organised is huge. Having a regular posting schedule is also really important. Conditioning your followers so that they know when to expect posts from you will increase engagement. Sticking to that schedule is essential. So it might help to work out some sort of planner. Obviously you can review it as time goes on e.g. if one account blows up, you might increase your posting frequency on that one. As an example you might plan:

Instagram - Daily
Youtube - Sunday
OnlyFans - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Tiktok/Reels - Tuesday and Saturday

Maximising content: That probably sounds like a lot of content to produce on a weekly basis, so you need to work smart to get the most out of everything you do. For example if you film a try-on haul for YouTube, you should be able to get:

The Youtube video
A BTS video for OnlyFans
A few photos in each outfit for Insta (one outfit a day) to promote the video
A few cheekier photos in each outfit for OnlyFans
A few short videos for TikTok/Reels

So one solid day of shooting could easily give you 2 weeks worth of content for all platforms.

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